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The SCANDI BREW® Yeast Pump is a positive self-priming
gear pump (type “Rotan”) specially developed to pump fluids
with high viscosity (such as harvest yeast) or emulsions or
fluids with suspended particles needing gentle handling.
The pump is constructed to fulfil the strict hygienic demands
set by the brewing and sanitary process industries.

The pump housing and rotor are made of stainless steel AISI
304 with star wheel in acid proof bronze. Placed in the centre
the star wheel is driven by the rotor, which has inside toothing.
This construction gives a high suction power when filled
with liquid (up to 0,5 bar vacuum).
Optional connections are available on request.
The pump is designed to have minimum slot losses enabling
it to pump liquids with free CO2 /gas.

The flow rate of the product is changed only slightly when
passing through the pump which secures a gentle transport
without whips and pulsation. The pump is equipped with a
built-in combined CIP and by-pass valve. The valve opens
when the pressure reaches 8,5 bar and product is recirculated
via channels back to the pump inlet.
The valve can be force opened manually or pneumatically
during CIP. The built-in channels also provide an effective
cleaning around the stuffing box.
Max. operation temperature with product or during CIP is
80°C. At standstill, steam sterilisation at maximum 100°C is

The pump is cleaned in-line, but needs an external CIP bypass
as not to act as an obstruction during line CIP

Standard in- and outlet
of pump GP 40, GP 60
and GP 100:
Standard in- and outlet
of pump GP 160
and GP 200:
Male threaded 2” DS
Male threaded 21⁄2” DS


• Very gentle transport of product
• High suction power, up to 0,5 bar vacuum
• Suitable for yeast / fluids with high levels of CO2 / gas
• Steam sterilising possible at standstill
• Built-in combined pressure relief and CIP by-pass valve
• Sanitary design – CIP’ed around the stuffing box



The SCANDI BREW® Yeast pump is fixed on a stainless steel
trolley in the standard execution or optionally mounted on a
stainless steel frame.
When the pump is built in line it is recommended to make a
2” by-pass with a shut-off valve to direct most of the flow
during CIP in by-pass.

The pump is available with the following standard flow rates
and pressure:
40, 60, 100, 160 or 200 litres/minute and
lifting head of 4 or 8 bar.
The stated capacities are valid for maximum lifting head.
Motor size according to below table and curves:
Requires regular disassembly and examination of star wheel and
mechanical seal.
Requires replacement of O-ring at pressure relief and CIP by-pass
valve on a regular basis.

Extra Equipment
• Connection pieces for various threads (e.g. DIN 11851, BSP,
• Additionally, the pump can be supplied with variable speed control
in order to regulate the capacity for dosing purposes (gear
vario or via frequency converter).
• The pump is available as a complete dosing unit with flow
meter/counter and control box allowing for a specified volume of
product to be dosed after which the pump automatically stops.
• 2” CIP by-pass with a pneumatic or manual shut-off valve
Inquiry or order
Please state:
• Required capacity
• Viscosity or consistency
• Lifting head
• Pipe diameter
• Inlet pressure
• Electrical supply available (voltage and Hz)
• Connection thread necessary for in- and outlet

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