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 Tank top systems  


Conditioning and mixing of harvest yeast in storage tanks
obtaining a homogeneous slurry with uniform temperature
and consistency. Optional facility to aerate or acid wash
through propeller nozzles. The mixer is designed for mixing
yeast slurry with a wet solids content of 25-50 vol/vol%.

The mixer comprises gear motor, combined gear console/CIP
entry, CIP pipe with spray ball penetrated by the hollow mixer
shaft ending in propellers with CIP nozzles.
For shaft lengths above 1.5 meters a sanitary tripod support
is welded into the tank bottom. This support is fully cleaned
by the bottom CIP facility. For larger tanks more propellers
are used to ensure correct homogenisation.
During cleaning there are no CIP shadow areas caused by
the propeller shaft or propeller blades as these parts are integrated
in the cleaning.


Stainless steel AISI 316 (standard).
All other parts in contact with product
are FDA approved.
propeller speed: 70 - 75 rpm
(or acc. to customer specification)
Power supply: 400 V, 50 Hz (standard)
Motor size: 2.2 or 3 kW
CIP supply: Capacity and inlet pressure:
For mixers with aeration facility:
18-20 m3 at 3-3.5 bar (51 psi)
For mixers without aeration facility:
18-20 m3 at 2 bar (29 psi)

For low viscous yeast optimal mixing efficiency is obtained by
interval agitation. In order to minimize damage of the yeast
cells, the agitation should normally be restricted to the
cooling down period and prior to pitching. During storage
agitation is only needed once in a while to keep the suspension

If equipped with the optional aeration valve, it is possible to
aerate through the CIP nozzles when agitating. Due to the
efficient agitation, this facility may also be employed for pH
lowering of the yeast suspension through acid washing.
Please observe that the mixer must never run dry i.e. without
yeast or CIP liquid.


• Integrated cleaning of mixer with no CIP shadow areas
• Individual mixer design as per tank details
• Propeller blade designed for optimal mixing
• Low rotation speed ensuring careful and non-destructive
treatment of the yeast slurry
• Increased vitality of the yeast cells by aeration
• Acid washing through propeller nozzles
• Improved cooling-efficiency
SCANDI BREW® Hygienic agitator/Yeast mixer type 20

The SCANDI BREW® top-entry mixer is mounted either as a
stand alone equipment on the tank top or alternatively as an
integrated part of the top plate. To ensure optimum mixing it
is recommended to install the mixer slightly off centre (125-
175 mm).
At the tank bottom the mixer shaft is supported by a sanitary
bottom tripod welded onto the tank cone. For smaller tanks
the yeast mixer (type 10) can be mounted without the
sanitary tripod.

Detailed mounting instructions and installation tools for levelling
of bottom console are required for correct mounting.
Hot caustic cleaning (approx. 65°C) is recommended. During
cleaning the main part of liquid is lead through the CIP-pipe
to the spray ball while a smaller amount is lead through the
hollow shaft to the spraying nozzles below the propeller
blades and at the shaft end. The shaft is cleaned outside
from a slot in the spray ball bearing. In this way a proper
cleaning of the mixer shaft in- and outside as well as the propeller
and the bottom console is ensured. The mixer should
always run during CIP.

If required, the arrangement is steam or hot water sterilisable
as well, during this procedure the mixer must stand still.
Replace mechanical seal if leakage is detected from the
drainage channel of the gear console.
Visual check of the spray ball is recommended. If equipped
with aeration valve (pos. 3) this must be serviced at least
once a year.
Optional equipment
A) Built-in aeration valve for aeration/acid washing
B) Propeller shaft with extra propeller blades for
larger tanks
C) Special propeller design
D) Split coupling for detachable propeller shaft in case
of insufficient free height


Extra equipment / executions
POS. 1 Gear motor
POS. 2 Gear console
POS. 3 CIP entry and aeration valve
POS. 4 Spray ball with shaft bearing
POS. 5 Hollow mixer shaft
POS. 6 Extra propeller included if necessary
POS. 7 Spray nozzles for CIP, air or acid
POS. 8 Propeller blades
POS. 9 Mixer support (Bottom tripod with legs welded
into the tank cone)

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