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 Tank top systems  


To be used in a system for remote control of the working
pressure in tanks during a process creating increasing pressure.
Can also be applied in conjunction with the Pressure Supply
(PS) valve for tanks requiring a constant top pressure during
process steps creating increasing as well as decreasing pressures
(see separate PD leaflet for SCANDI BREW® Constant
pressure system).

The PE valve is produced with weld type ends but is
delivered with threads acc. to BSP, NW, RJT, IDF, DS,
Tri-Clamp or SMS as per specification.
Sizes: 11⁄2”, 2”, 3” Connections
Standard working pressure 0,5-4 bar (7-60 psi)
Connections for control air and force opening are as standard
delivered with fittings for 4/6 mm nylon hoses.
Bypass / CIP supply nozzle is as standard closed with a closing
plug. If the nozzle is applied and bypass connected to the
CIP supply it is supplied with fittings for 6-8 mm stainless
steel pipe and should further be equipped with a CIP supply

Metallic parts: Stainless steel AISI 304
O-ring seals: NBR. Non-toxic foodgrade material.
Gasket on valve disc: EPDM or PTFE
Double diaphragm: NBR

The PE valve is operated by means of the set point pressure
being applied to the top of a membrane set and the pressure
regulation will be identical to the set point pressure. The set
point pressure is either reduced to the required pressure by
means of a manual precision regulator or an IP converter
controlled by a PLC.

When the tank pressure exceeds the set point pressure the
valve will open and blow off through the valve side branch for
atmospheric discharge or collection. To ensure correct working
conditions there should be no backpressure after the vent port.



• Reliable control of tank top pressure
• Control can be computerized
• Fully cleanable with CIP system
• Easy to integrate in existing pipework
• Low investment due to simplified installation

After force opening of the PE valve by an air signal to the
lower part of the membrane set the valve is fully cleanable
either by means of an optional CIP supply valve to the cleaning
nozzle on the valve housing or simultaneously in line
together with cleaning of vent/recovery mains.

The PE valve can be mounted directly on tank top, as part of
a tank top system, or located elsewhere in the pipework.
The PE valve can be mounted in any position as long as
drainage from the valve housing is assured.
Furthermore, it can form part of a constant pressure system
with a PS valve.

It is important that the valve is inspected regularly. The PE
valve is equipped with two small holes in the side of the
housing. These holes will indicate a possible leakage.
Routine checks for leakages of gas or liquid from these holes
should be made regularly.

Gaskets and O-rings to be replaced approx. every 2-3 years.
Extra Equipment
• Fitting for 6-8 mm stainless steel pipe for cleaning nozzle.
• Pneumatic angle valve for CIP supply incl. fitting for
6-8 mm stainless steel pipe.
Special Versions
For working pressures below 0,5 bar (7 psi) a special PE
valve is obtainable.



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