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To take aseptic and microbiological samples in small volumes
from tanks and pipework.

The sample port is made in a simple, sanitary design, and
consists of a housing made as a socket for direct welding
into tank wall or pipe-work, a rubber plug which is positioned
by a press screw and a closing cap.
Product pressure: Max. 6 bar (86 psi) as standard.
Welding part: Stainless steel AISI 316L
(with material certificate)
Other metallic parts: Stainless steel AISI 304
Rubber plug: Natural rubber or silicone
O-ring: NBR

Sampling: By unscrewing the closing cap and inserting a
1 mm hypodermic needle through the rubber plug.
Rubber plug replacement: Should only take place when the
tank is empty and pressureless. Unscrew the press screw
until it is released from the holder and replace the rubber
plug. Remount the press screw firmly.

Before sampling the plug should be sterilized with alcohol.
As the inner part of the rubber plug sits flush with tank wall or
pipework surface this part is automatically cleaned during
tank or pipework cleaning.

Socket, Type T, is welded into a 25 mm diameter hole in a
tank wall - please observe that grinding or polishing of the
conical area around the seat should be avoided as it
might damage the seat.
Socket, Type P, is welded on a pipe wall and thereafter a
8 mm hole is drilled.
Socket, Type PC, is available for welding onto extruded pipe
ends equal to 1” as well as NW 25.



• Reliable aseptic samples
• Easy replacement of rubber plug

Replacement of rubber plug is recommendable after 5 - 10
samples. Minimum order quantity is 100 pcs. O-ring to be
replaced approx. every 3 years.
Special Versions
Micro sample port with slide that allows replacement of rubber
plug under gas pressure to avoid CO2 loss.




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