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"The" route for Scandibrew products from the No. 1 Alfa Laval Channel in the UK   






Sampling from tanks and pipework under sterile conditions
for physico-chemical or micro-biological analyses.

Valve body: Stainless steel AISI 316L
(welding parts with material certificate)
Membrane: Silicone. EPDM on request
Product pressure: Max. 6 bar (86 psi) as standard. 10 bar is
available on request.
The valve body is available in the following executions:
• Type T for direct welding into tank
• Type P for direct welding into pipe
• Type S for socket mounting.
Valve body with male part in 3/8” BSP
• Other types are available on request, f.inst. 1⁄2” BSP,
NW 10, NW 15.

All types are available for manual or pneumatic operation. The
two outlets are hose piece designed as clip-on type. The
standard valve is equipped with one clip-on closing cap.

Sampling should only be made from sterile sample valve.
Before opening the valve, closing cap should be placed on
upper hose piece. Thereafter handle is moved to horizontal
position until required flow through lower outlet is obtained.
After sampling, handle should be pulled back into vertical
position where after the valve is closed.

In this position the handle can be removed if required.
Aseptic sampling is possible from special valve type with
micro port. By removing the red closing cap a hypodermic
needle can be inserted through a central channel into the
membrane and the aseptic sampling takes place with valve in
closed position.

After sampling the valve should be flushed with water or alcohol.
Sterilization is to take place by alcohol or steam. When
not in use, the valve may be sealed with alcohol by leaving
the clip-on closing cap on the lower outlet and filling with


• Sterilisable in place with alcohol or steam
• Membrane sealing directly against product
• Representative sampling, giving repeatable results
• Safe to secondary contamination
• Dual purpose, bulk and micro samples (special version)
• Pilfer proof
• Manual and pneumatic operation


By aseptic sampling the channel is to be rinsed with alcohol.
Cleaning in place only with vessel or pipeline cleaning. By
interval flipping of valve optimal cleaning of valve seat is
Type S should be flushed backwards from outlet to secure a
clean connection to tank or pipe.

On tanks and pipework.
Normally the valve should be mounted horizontally with one
outlet in upward position and one in downward. If the valve is
mounted in another position, it should be secured that complete
drainage can take place from one of the outlets.
Please note separate mounting instruction.

Requires replacement of membrane at least once a year. By
intense steaming and cleaning more frequent change might
be necessary. The membranes can be supplied with bushings
in three colours to secure a systematic change of the
O-ring on clip-on closing cap to be changed approx.
every 2-3 years.

As the membrane is penetrated during aseptic sampling
through the sample port a more often replacement of same is
required. Frequency will depend on needle size.

Extra Equipment
• Handle for operating the valve
• Assembling tool
• Membrane remover
• Proximity switch for indication of open/closed valve position
• Sampling coil with clip-on
• Isobaric hand bottling device with clip-on
• Hypodermic needle
• Silicone hose with clip-on
Special Versions
Instead of being clip-on type, the two outlets of the valve can
be supplied with Tri-Clamps, Swagelok or welding ends.
Other type is available on request.
The pneumatic valve can alternatively be supplied in a combined
manual - pneumatic execution.
Please ask for separate information on the SCANDI BREWฎ
Sampling system.



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